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Interior Painting Services

Want a new look for your favorite room in the home? Ready to add some color! Looking for something new? Interior painting can change any room by adding some color to your walls, ceiling or trim. Accent Walls also add color and dimension to the room without painting an entire room. Design ideas are practically endless when using paint! Give us a call and tell us about your next interior painting project your looking to handle.

Use Our Pricing Guide as an General Estimate, Assuming the Area is More or Less Ready to be Painted. Labor Quotes Include Wood Repairs or Minor Drywall plus Caulking, Taping, Spot Sanding then Priming, 2 Coats of Paint Unless Otherwise Pre-Arranged then our Cleanup. Other Preparation such as Extensive Drywall or Wood Repair and Caulking, Scraping, Sanding or Paint Removal, and Wall or Trim Priming, As Well As Overall Height May Affect the Labor Quote These Prices are Labor Only and Do Not Include the Cost of Liquid Material (Paint, Stain, etc.), which will be Determined by the Size of the Area, During a At-Home Estimate.

intro-interior-home-room-trim-painting-2Interior Walls or Ceiling Painting

– Individual Walls (Accent): $50-70
– Individual Closets: $55-100
– Smaller Kitchens & Bathrooms: $75-130
– Single Rooms (Bedrooms, Living-Dining Rooms, Big Kitchens): $95-145
– Two Rooms: $185-280

  • Add Stairwells/Hallways: $85-120
  • Add Closets: $70 Per Room
  • Add Additional Colors: $30
  • Add Ceiling Painting: $50-80 per Room
  • Add Ceiling Texture: $100-125 per Room
– Individual Ceiling Painting: $70-120 per Room
– Individual Ceiling Textures: $145-220 per Room
– Finished Basement Painting: $350-600
– Basement & Garage Floor Treatments: $150-250

intro-interior-home-room-trim-painting-1Interior Trim – Doors Painting – Staining

– Add Trim to any Wall Paint Job: $70-85 per Room
– Add Doors to any Wall Paint Job: $50 per Door

– Individual Room Trim Painted (Baseboards, Window & Door Frames): $80-100
– Individual Door painted: $60-80

– Individual Room Trim Staining: $90-150
– Individual Door Staining: $80-100

  • Add Chair Rails & Crown Molding: $60-80
  • Add Stairwell Risers & Railings: $80-150

– Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry: $55-85 per Cabinet

intro-interior-home-room-trim-painting-3Entire Home Interior Painting Packages

2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, Townhouse & Condos: $650-900
   Add All Closets: $135-220
   Add ALL Rooms Trim: $250-350
   Add Room Doors: $130-200
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Homes: $950-1250
   Add Closets: $180-260
   Add Trim: $300-525
   Add Doors: $225-400
4 Bedroom Plus Homes: $1250-1450
   Add Closets: $250-400
   Add Trim: $400-675
   Add Doors: $250-450
Additional Specials for Vacation Homes, Rental Units, Businesses or Vacant REO Properties.


We can also add new wall outlet and light switch plates to further enhance the accent of your living space.