We clean up everything around your property that you never have time to do!

Neighborhood Litter Pickup

We help landlords, real estate agents and home sellers who are seeking an outstanding first impression of their available properties.

Before even leaving their car, prospective buyers gain an impression of the surrounding neighborhood. A litter-strewn street can garner false impressions, no matter how great the house may be on the inside. Cleanup Service will remove community neighborhood litter within public space along the entire block on both sides of the street plus keep it clean until the property does sell with our bi-weekly litter pickup maintenance sweeps.

With our client’s permission, the litter is then placed in a recycling bin or trash bin. Clients should ensure that both a recycling bin plus a trash bin are both available and accessible when litter cleanup occurs. Most blocks are usually free of litter and using a litter cleanup service is not needed. Where litter is an issue, however, regular litter cleanup can be a cost-effective investment in selling your property in the competitive real-estate market.

Litter Cleanup

Cleanup Service tackles the problems by removing  litter along both sides of the street in front of your property. We go 75 yards in each direction, on both sides of the street picking up litter from the street itself, the sidewalks, and the public space between the sidewalk and the curb.

The fee for initial cleanup is just $75.

We recommend bi-weekly cleaning after that, at $40 bi-weekly, to maintain a clean, well-ordered appearance of the block. We can normally service the block and property within 36 hours after payment. We will call the purchaser when we are heading to the job location to be aware that we are on location. Feel free to ask about our other home services or REO Cleanup we also may handle for you.