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Shed Roof Repair Leaks

Wood Shed Shingle & Shed Roof Replacement or Patchwork

Wood Shed Roof ReplacementMold Present In Your Leaking Shed?

Let our team come replace the shed roof to your older wooden shed, add shingles and even repaint it to renew your current investment instead of spending big money buying a new shed.

Is there just one spot leaking on the roof? We can normally make these repairs for under $500 including the supply costs, labor and tax. The owner of this shed lost a few thousand dollars in lawn care equipment for taking to long to act on the situation. Call us for your next shed roof replacement or patchwork project.

Shed Roof Repair Leaks - Wood Rot Repairs

We can even just come by to caulk up all the openings and gaps to add additional years and reduce the moisture within the shed. Once the mold starts taking over the area it becomes even a more harmful environment to make use of.

If you just need a fresh coat of paint on the shed or wanted to add new shingles we could even help you with those services. Call 856-677-8558 to get a free estimate or to get more of your questions answered.


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